eGo-K CE4 Atomzier Powerful and Stylish E-Cigarette

eGo-K E-Cigarette starter kit

The EGO K uses the standard long wick CE4 clearomizer but comes with two laser etched staylised batteries that will make you stand out from other e-cigarette users. The EGO K is a personal fashion statement and is one of the newest additions in the electronic cigarette market and is causing a massive buzz. The CE4 clearomizer is one of the best producers of intake vapor and does not create any burnt taste that can occur with some other e-cigarettes. 

If you are looking for stylish and sophisticated electronic cigarette that offers a delicious vapor intake then the EGO K Clearomizer is definitely for you. The EGO K's clearomizer is made of strong thick see-through plastic and houses an inner metal tube with two long wicks so you get a great vape even when your e liquid is low. 

eGo-K E-Cigarette Specification:
E-Juice Capacity:1.6ml
Screw thread 510 thread
Battery capacity: 3.7 V 650 mah,900mah,1100mah
Normal Working Voltage 3.3-3.7V
Charging Time:2.5- 3.0h
Battery Life not less than 300 times

eGo-K electronic cigarette kit comes with:
Battery x 2
Clearomizer CE4 x2
gift box (or ego case box) x1
Wall Charger  x1
USB Charger  x1
User manual x1

 How to use eGo-K E-Cigs?
1. Scerw down the drip tips from CE4 clearomizer
2. Fill liquid into tube along
3. put on the drip tips
4. make sure the battery power full 5clicks to on/off battery
6. when smoking press the button